A Trivial Method To Render Material Icons in CAPI

The Lispworks toolset and whole Common Lisp economy is lacking a way to render SVG in a standalone and reliable way, and there's also not a exist binding for libraries such as librsvg. To easily access some useful SVG resources, I once tried to write some codes aiming to translate SVG Paths to Lispw...

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Interpreting Hex Colors

I usually have to convert hex code to Lispworks' color-spec. And here's some interesting ways to separate color components from hex code in Lisp.

Assuming we have hex string like "#AABBCCDD" or #ABCD, to collect its r, g, b, a and convert them to single-float in range 0-1:

Parsing Each...

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TDoV 2024

Happy Transgender Day of Visibility!~ Being a Chinese transgirl for year and half, I'm here, in proud and firm, for all of you.

Happy TDoV!

Code Here

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Trivial Spreadsheet for modifying Lispworks Editor


The programming interface of Lispworks Editor is not as easily accessible as Emacs, mostly because its exported symbols are too trivial, most of useful functions and facilities are internal and haven't well-documented. In another side, it's source codes are solely in Lisp and have plen...

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Using Non-Focus Interface in CAPI

Lispworks' manual said non-focus window is some kind of window that not taking focus, but in fact any interface can work without focus anyway :)... I just treat it as a way to raise windows without system's decorations like border & action buttons. We will get it done using floating divs in web-base...

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